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Florida State practice report 8/14: Another day at IMG

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FSU is practicing at the elite boarding school in Bradenton.

NCAA Football: Florida State Practice Tallahassee Democrat-USA TODAY NETWORK

BRADENTON, Fla. — Florida State practiced on day two of four at IMG Academy Tuesday morning. The viewing portion was only about 15 minutes, which is incredibly small and not adequate for putting together a practice report.


The quarterbacks worked in the following order: No real order, because they did only individual drills and rotated every rep. All three QBs worked a lot on handoffs, mesh point, and bump passes. I have an article coming on this technique.

Noonie Murray told me that he feels ahead of schedule in his recovery from a knee injury. That’s a great sign. Some of FSU’s positions (OT, LB) are underwhelming, but the receivers look like players who belong at a program like FSU. WR D.J. Matthews was practicing in the limited time I viewed, which is different than yesterday.


DL: DT Demarcus Christmas was moving slowly. He has been dealing with some sort of foot or ankle thing and was seen in a boot earlier in the week. DT Marvin Wilson worked on the side as he recovers from his knee injury. The first two up in drills I saw were Fred Jones and Corey Durden.

LB: Dontavious Jackson and Adonis Thomas were together in blitz drills, which is most of what FSU worked on Tuesday. That doesn’t necessarily mean both are considered first teamers, but Jackson is the assumed starter, so I pay attention to who is next to him. Coach Raymond Woodie implored his charges to be aggressive when they are turned loose on the blitz. He wants them to take advantage of the opportunity and get excited to deliver some damage. Multiple times players were too timid and took another rep. Converted RB Zaquandre White again worked with the linebackers.

DB: I was not able to watch defensive backs today due to the extremely short time allotted.

Existing injuries/absences

These players were out Monday, and were not observed Tuesday. The reasons for their Monday absence is still listed here.

  • DB Carlos Becker continues to sit out with a foot or ankle injury (boot).
  • Cole Minshew was not observed.
  • Freshman OL Christian Meadows remains out with his arm in a sling.
  • Amari Gainer is still on crutches and will miss all of camp most likely.
  • Defensive tackle Cedric Wood was also out with an arm injury.
  • Defensive end Josh Kaindoh was in the training area, but wasn’t obviously favoring any single body part.
  • Defensive end Tre Lawson was again absent.

I’ll go through the video I took to add anything I might have missed in my notes.