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Nolecast FSU position preview: Receivers, tight ends

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FSU has some young, unproven talent at receiver and tight end.

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with the 38th Nolecast episode of 2018. The Nolecast is the No. 1 Florida State Seminoles podcast.

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Show notes are as follows, roughly in order

In the second of our Nolecast position previews, we tackle the wide receiver and tight end groups. FSU is talented at both spots.

New coaches: Dave Kelly, Telly Lockett

Reminder: This is a running offense. In the L4 years, Jimbo Fisher’s offenses have had 9 games with more than 35 throws. Willie Taggart just 2.

They control the ball via the run, not the pass.

New scheme

  • Alignment
  • Blocking required
  • Far fewer route adjustments

Departed: Auden Tate, Ryan Izzo


  • Nyqwan Murray
  • Tamorrion Terry
  • D.J. Matthews
  • Keith Gavin
  • George Campbell
  • Treyshaun Harrison
  • Ontaria Wilson
  • Keyshawn Helton
  • Jordan Young
  • Warren Thompson
  • D’Marcus Adams
  • Tre’ McKitty
  • Naseir Upshur
  • Jonathan Vickers, Gabe Nabers, Alex Marshall, Cam McDonald


  • How confident are you that they will be better? 1-10
  • Buy or sell: more guys currently on the roster get drafted than during Dawsey’s tenure (he gets to count Tate)
  • What would you say the biggest challenge is for the WRs adjusting to Taggart’s offense from Jimbo’s (aside from tempo)?
  • Over or Under freshmen WRs combined: 45 rec, 600 yards, 5TDs
  • How likely do y’all think it is we see some of our faster receivers utilized in the run game, ie jet sweeps/motion options
  • Will David Kelly wear full out sweats during the games?
  • Where will FSU finish in passing yards/game in conference games?