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The limited takeaways from FSU’s first scrimmage

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With so many players held out for injury or precaution, it’s important not to overreact.

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with the 39th Nolecast episode of 2018. The Nolecast is the No. 1 Florida State Seminoles podcast.

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Show notes are as follows, roughly in order

We hit on three topics.

1. The scrimmage

  • Was any QB way better than the others? No, but one was slightly better.
  • Many of the best players were held out for injuries or precautions. Does that make the scrimmage meaningless?
  • Great offense, bad defense, or both?
  • Which young players stood out?

2. Stan Wilcox’s leaving for the NCAA

What does FSU need to look for in a new AD? Also what should it not look for?

3. CBS Sports’ anonymous fan poll

Let’s dig into this a bit. Is this just racism? Jealousy? Some combination of both, perhaps? Or just ignorance? Let’s break it down.