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Bobby Bowden Field to get makeover Monday night

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Florida State will be rolling out the throwback end zones for Labor Day opener

Peter Warrick

The day after announcing the ‘Noles would add some new-school flair by wearing black uniforms against Virginia Tech, FSU Football has made a decision that will throw Doak back to the era that put the Seminoles on the map: Bobby Bowden Field will be painted with the old white-and-garnet end zones.

The decision coincides with the return of legendary head coach Bobby Bowden, as well as the retirement of Peter Warrick’s number 9. The end zones are a nice touch for a night that’s honoring Florida State’s storied past and kicking off a new future.

The most recent use of the throwback end zones was during this year’s spring game, where they were a hit with players and fans of all generations. They may seem like small details, but so far, Willie Taggart is checking the right boxes to satisfy Florida State fans of all ages.