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Report: Florida State, LSU agree to two-game series in 2022-23

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Unfortunately, it’s not a true home-and-home

NCAA Football: Florida State Practice Tallahassee Democrat-USA TODAY NETWORK

We broke the news a month ago that the Florida State Seminoles were in talks with LSU to play a game in Orlando.

Now comes a report from Brett McMurphy, formerly of ESPN, that the two have agreed to a two-game series, the first top be played in 2022 in New Orleans to open the season, and the second to be played in 2023 to open the year in Orlando.

While fans would certainly have preferred the pageantry and revelry of a true home-and-home series with Tallahassee and Baton Rouge, as opposed to the sterile NFL atmosphere, this will apparently have to do. It is hard to complain about a trip to New Orleans, and LSU folks might be excited to visit Orlando and Disney World.

Neutral-site games have become a concerning trend in college football, but they do pay out a huge sum of guaranteed money, thanks in part to the huge metropolis settings in which they typically take place.

The 2023 date has to be a bit disappointing for FSU fans, because the school already plays games away from Tallahassee at Clemson and at Florida. 2024 would have been better to balance out the home schedule, as FSU should try to schedule big non-conference games in even years only. The problem, of course, is that FSU is already at Notre Dame in 2024.

The Seminoles are 7-2 all time against the Tigers, with the last victory coming in 1991. FSU swept a three-game 1989-91 series against the Tigers, winning by an average of three touchdowns. LSU’s last win came in 1982.