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Answering Florida State questions after the Samford game

The one spot FSU could not afford injuries was the offensive line. It’s now going to fight to make a bowl.

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with the 46th Nolecast episode of 2018. The Nolecast is the No. 1 Florida State Seminoles podcast.

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Show notes are as follows, roughly in order

Here are the things we learned, and what we want to know going forward

  • What a weird game. Delay, short week, Laborn goes down.
  • And every time something went right, there was either a hero play from Devlin Hodges, a self-inflicted wound, or some sort of weird bounce, or officiating thing, etc.


  • See the playcalling evolving. Cannot change your whole offense because you have to install it, but can evolve the offense.
  • Execution by most groups was better.
  • Still adjusting to the tempo, which impacts communication
  • Seeing continued integration of the jet motion.
  • But the OL was terrible.
  • Probably need to add in a series or two of wildcat per game if Francois either can’t read the option plays right or won’t run. You’re playing at a numbers disadvantage.


  • Multiple aspects discussed


  • The difference in approach between Patrick and Akers right now.


  • Some emerging names.

Offensive line

  • We knew this offensive line could not afford injuries, particularly at tackle. And they’ve already had multiple.
  • Jauan Williams pulled for poor play, complicating things. Can’t have that from someone who needs to be a starter.
  • Maybe Brady Scott can be OK? We’ll see.
  • High snaps.
  • Where can it be better? Where is FSU just toast?


  • They played a ton of young players
  • Very aggressive
  • Willingness to pull and replace players
  • Played very little C4, wanted to rep other coverages?

Defensive line

  • Burns created pressure, Marvin Wilson played well


  • Hamsah playing more LB against spread teams
  • Leonard Warner did a few things


  • Levonta Taylor w/ a coverage bust, and also beat a few times, but also had a Pick-6
  • True freshmen corners are encouraging.

Special teams

  • Logan Tyler better
  • Aguayo two more misses. 18-21 last year. Yikes.

Listener Questions

These are copy/pasted just as they were sent to us. Thanks for submitting a question. We received several hundred.

  • Does the first two games change your overall outlook on the long term outlook of this team?
  • How nervous are you guys that the winning season and bowl streak come to an end? Thanks for the great content as always!
  • All things equal, which of the big 3 schools in Florida would you most want to be for the next 4 years? At this moment.
  • Switch the QBs from last night, and what’s the score?
  • It’s it time to change the Offense? It’s far from explosive. As weak as the O-line are we need a 2 Back set we have a FB on the Roster.
  • Is it encouraging or alarming that so many true freshmen have been playing through two games?
  • I see a lot of similarities between Willies first year and Kirby’s at uga. Do you think this is a strong comparison or do you think this is a lot different and why? (Obviously can’t know for sure until later in Willie’s tenure)
  • From what you see, is this more of an X’s and O’s problem, or an execution/talent problem ?
  • Is there any explanations for all the times we are shooting our selves in the foot? I wanna be patient with this staff but the lack of discipline and out of control way this team plays is so frustrating. (lack of comfort in the system and trying too hard to make plays)
  • Hey guys... awesome work! I’m a faithful listener. Am I wrong for being patient with this team. In these 2 games I don’t think they played pathetic....
  • After these two games, is it safe to say this is a bigger rebuild job than we first thought? Or are the coaches not getting enough out of a talented group?
  • How can we be 3 point favorites against Syracuse?
  • Is the struggles of this season the result of culture over the last 3 years, the missing year of development, a lack of talent, or a coaching staff that is in over their heads?
  • These quick WR screens don’t work. I’m not sure Francois can get the ball out there any quicker. The WR don’t block it well and it seems like an easy play to stop. Why do we keep running these. Especially on 3rd and 1?
  • Was Taggart’s biggest mistake talking up the OL in the preseason? Did he think the change from Jimbo’s to his offense would be easier because of his year at Oregon and how quickly they switched at USF?
  • How alarming is the lack of 2nd half adjustments to you on offense??? That was one thing we could usually count on from Jimbo.
  • If nothing else, how do we permanently squash the turnover backpack? Lame on its own, even worse when you steal the idea from Miami of FL.
  • Is it ridiculous to think that Willie, though he has talked about reviving the culture and reminded players of FSU’s past, has tainted the brand with stupid gimmicks and falling flat in his [butt] out of the gate?