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Walt Bell speaks on how to revive the offense

“If we have to run the wishbone to do it, we’ll do it.”

Offensive coordinator Walt Bell addressed the media prior to Tuesday’s practice where the majority of the questions fielded were on how to jump-start this sluggish offense, especially considering the nightmare situation the Seminoles have on the offensive line. When he was asked if they might utilize tight ends in pass protection more, Bell said they will do whatever it takes.

“We are where we are and we have to go find a way. There is no idea—there is nothing—that is off the table. If we have to come out in a wishbone, if I have to go get coach’s choice tape from Darrell Royal and come out in a wishbone to win football games, that’s what we’ll do. Now, do we feel like we have to do that right now? Maybe not. But, whatever it takes for us to help keep our guy clean, to protect him and give him a chance to do what he does best, to get our run game going, again, whatever it takes to win games.”

Bell talked about the importance of identifying what the team can be good at, regardless of personnel groupings moving forward, and then putting players in those positions to be successful. He admitted that it can be difficult implementing things to win in the short term while not losing sight of the long term goals they have set for the offense.

“I think that is part of it. You can’t lose sight and you can’t lose vision of what we want this to be. You can’t throw it all out for whats coming. Coach Taggart has an incredible history of scoring points at a really high rate. You don’t just forget how to do that. I think, again, it’s not just him. It’s every coach on the staff and every player. We all have to do a better job in making sure we get the end result we want.”

The offensive coordinator also praised the stingy NIU defense they will face Saturday in Doak Campbell Stadium. Bell spoke on the athleticism and engine of their star defensive end, Sutton Smith, in particular.

“Not only is he a really good athlete, but he is also a guy that plays with effort. If you really went back and studied how many sacks he has this year and the previous year that came on second and third efforts, he just plays incredibly hard. We have to do a good job of making sure we know where he is.”

OC Walt Bell addresses the media prior to FSU’s Tuesday morning practice.

Posted by on Tuesday, September 18, 2018