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Stanford Samuels III and Brian Burns won’t let early struggles fracture FSU

There’s still a high standard in Tally.

Courteney Korosec/ Tomahawk Nation

With the rising amount of time the defense has spent on the field early in the season, it’s reasonable to say it could result in mounting tensions between the opposite sides of the ball. At this point, the defense has a pretty solid case for being frustrated, but despite struggles in the early goings, they aren’t allowing it to become divisive.

Sophomore safety Stanford Samuels III says regardless of how much they see the field, there is a standard to live up to at Florida State.

“Playing at Florida State, there’s a standard on the defense,” Samuels said. “We got to hold that standard no matter how long we’re out there, how many plays we’re out there. We got to hold that standard and hold ourselves to that standard every time we go out on the field. What happened on Saturday was unacceptable.”

A question about if the defense will have to carry the offense was shutdown quicker than Florida State’s offense on third down.

“No, that would be dividing and division within the team,” Samuels said. “We just look at it as, everybody makes mistakes. We watch the film as a team and it was everybody taking turns messing up on the field. Offense and defense. We just know we got to fix those little mistakes and we can’t have ‘em in order to be successful.”

DB Stanford Samuels III media availability

Posted by on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Jokes aside, it’s a positive that the defense is able to keep a positive mentality and not let frustrations boil over as the offense continues to try and find it’s identity. Pass rusher Brian Burns said as much when he was asked Wednesday morning.

“There is frustration over time when you aren’t really getting the rest that you’re supposed to, I guess, and the offense isn’t doing well.” Burns said. “Of course there is going to be some frustration. It’s just remaining positive and keep your defense up. That’s all you can really do. I see it as another opportunity instead of frustration.”