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Seminole DB A.J. Westbrook describes his game-changing play vs. Louisville

FSU’s defensive play of the game, described by the player who made it.

Florida State v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It’s often said that a defensive back going unnoticed is a good sign for that team’s defense. And, for the most part, that tends to holds true. If your name isn’t being mentioned too often, it usually means that you’re doing your job, by locking down your coverage responsibilities.

But every now and and then, you want your name in the headlines, and that’s just where Florida State safety A.J. Westbrook finds his this morning— and for all the right reasons. FSU looked to be dead in the water, as its Saturday foe, Louisville, drove deep into Seminole territory with a three-point lead and time running out.

It looked for the world like the Cardinals would continue to pound the ball and bleed the clock. That is, it looked that way to everyone except Westbrook. On a third-and-two play with less than three minutes remaining and UL leading 24-21, the Cards took to the air, and Westbrook, following a heady observation, jumped the route for a clean pick, one that provided FSU with one last chance.

The ’Noles seized upon that opportunity, driving for the winning score. Westbrook’s play certainly salvaged the game, and may have helped to author a new ending to the FSU season as well. He spoke about his huge moment, and just what tipped him to the UL pass, after the game: