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Willie Taggart upset over FSU’s loss to Virginia Tech

Taggart says the errors are correctable. Correcting them is easier said than done.

Willie Taggart was extremely disappointed in FSU’s effort in an embarrassing national TV loss to Virginia Tech.

Watch his interview with the media, above.

Taggart seemed stunned. He said that the team looked nothing like a team that went through camp and through what he said was a good week of preparation.

Taggart was very frustrated with the sloppiness with which FSU played, including some silly penalties and mental errors.

He was also frustrated with the team losing 1v1 battles in the red zone. He said it was not one player in particular, but rather many individual mistakes which added up to a big failure.

Taggart said freshman Jaiden Woodbey had a shoulder injury. Came out of socket and they put it back in. He said he will be OK.

The main focus now will be on the team not fracturing, and getting back to practice to fix the mistakes. Taggart believes all of the mistakes are fixable.

A deflated fanbase will hope he is right.