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FSU’s Alec Eberle emphasizes team unity after a poor game vs. Virginia Tech

Same disappointing start— different reaction?

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Florida State Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State center Alec Eberle has never been one to make excuses. He’s played through injury and immense pain during his career at FSU, and following the Seminoles’ putrid offensive result in a 24-3 loss to Virginia Tech on Monday night, Eberle held true to form when addressing those in the media.

Eberle shifted any blame off the FSU coaching staff, stating that the OL was “100%” prepared heading into the contest. And while injuries saw every other member of the ’Nole starting OL except Eberle miss time in the defeat to the Hokies, Eberle again rebuffed any chance to shift the blame.

That said, he did credit VT’s pre-snap shifts as a factor in causing confusion among the Seminole front. This is obviously something that has to be addressed sooner rather than later, as Florida State’s future opponents will be sure to seize upon this film as a way to keep FSU out of the end zone.

But the primary takeaway from Eberle is his emphatic insistence that this year’s team — unlike last year’s squad — will not fracture after an early setback. Said Eberle, “we’re gonna stay together, no matter what.” This sentiment was echoed by Florida State QB Deondre Francois.

Here’s our footage of Eberle with the assembled media, following the loss:

Alec Eberle discusses the offensive line's struggles

Alec Eberle discusses the Florida State Seminoles Football offensive line's struggles against Virgina Tech.

Posted by on Monday, September 3, 2018