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Walt Bell reviews offensive performance against Virginia Tech

The offensive coordinator spoke on the struggles of the offense on Monday night.

The offensive efficiency was less than ideal for the Seminoles on Monday night. Prior to the first practice back after the difficult outing, offensive coordinator Walt Bell gave his thoughts on the struggles the offense experienced in the home opener.

Bell noted the explosive plays that the offense managed, but harped on the unit shooting itself in the foot.

“Just a lot of self-inflicted wounds,” Bell said. “We had nine explosive plays, just critical error. Critical error in really unfortunate times. I think that was obvious to anyone who watched the game or was part of the game, from a fan to a coach.”

Bell liked things that he saw out of Deondre Francois and his ability to make decisions in the offense, but noted that there is room for improvement in certain aspects.

“In the RPO game he was right,” Bell said. “I think there was only one small issue, which probably didn’t show up to the fans, on the game tape. I thought he did a nice job on the RPO stuff. We have to continue to improve in the read-zone game. The actual reading of the defensive end. That’s something he’s never done before. That takes reps and he missed the spring. That will get better as the year goes on.”

An interesting note was Bell addressing the level of excitement and self-pressure on the team before the game.

“That was probably the most energetic pregame warm-up and for me, especially, the most exciting home environment I have ever been a part of. I think that played into it. I think our kids love Coach Taggart so much, they are so bought in to what we’re doing here. I think, not only did you have the excitement and all the enthusiasm, the extra energy, and adrenaline dump, but I think you had a lot of self-pressure.”

A bright spot in the offense was running back Khalan Laborn, and Bell said they certainly plan to get the ball in the hands of the red-shirt freshman more often.

Watch the two videos of Coach Bell below:

Walt Bell breaks down the offense

Walt Bell breaks down the offense and what went right and wrong for Deondre Francois

Posted by on Wednesday, September 5, 2018
Part 2 of Walt Bell

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