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FSU football debuts ‘turnover backpack’ versus Samford

Florida State joins the craze that is sweeping college football.

Florida State became the latest college team to join in the turnover craze in the Seminoles’ game against Samford. When senior defensive back A.J. Westbrook came down with an interception in the first half, he was awarded the “turnover backpack” on the sideline.

Miami was the first team to award an object to a player following a turnover last season when the Hurricanes’ “turnover chain” took the nation by storm. Miami would finish the 2017 season with 31 total turnovers. The ’Canes just introduced a new turnover chain that features 4,000 stones and weighs 6.6 pounds.

Since then, multiple college football programs have implemented turnover awards, with many varying in style. Kennesaw State has the “turnover plank,” while Boise State has the “turnover throne.”

Although this is the first time that Florida State has had a turnover award, head coach Willie Taggart introduced the trend to his previous team when he was Oregon’s head coach in 2017. Although not as impressive as Miami’s pimped-out chain, Oregon had a similar turnover chain.