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Nolecast: Xfers, listener questions, hoops

Lots to discuss in a 90-minute episode.

Samford at Florida State

The Nolecast returns with an episode recorded Tuesday night. The show is available on iTunes and Google Podcasts. Our show notes are as follows, roughly. Show also available in the player below this article.


  • Urgency of coaching hires reduced due to early signing period? Or does social media make it feel like it is dragging?
  • Randy Clements… Do we still expect him?
  • Could Dugans could be analyst for a bit due to his Miami money?


  • ZaQuandre at a CC
  • Amir Rasul in the Xfer Portal
  • QB XFers

SUPER POPULAR QUESTION: Aaron and many many others: Why isn’t FSU getting OV’s from these new QB transfers? Miami got Hurts and Martell and not even a mention of FSU from either. Martell is even visiting UofL! Are we just not trying for a GT, or are we really THAT unattractive? We can’t be more unattractive than UofL... right?!

  • Francois, since the last time we recorded. He is in undergrad classes, per reports. I know at least one SEC school wants him.

Listener questions

These are questions from listeners.

  • Greg: How many games does the 2013 team win with the 2018 OL? How many games does the 2018 team win with the 2013 OL?
  • David: Maybe mentioned previously but concerns about who can pass rush off the edge in 2019? Looks bleak beyond Kaindoh, esp if Peters moves to LB like has been rumored
  • Eli: With the Baylor system... it seems prototypical OT’s are not used. Is that a scheme design or just a recruiting obstacle Baylor could not overcome? Feels like FSU is in on more guards than tackles... but that could be a recruiting issue
  • Kevin: Over/under Trevor Lawrence winning 1.5 Heisman trophies.
  • Jeremy: Looking at the 2019 schedule, where are your for sure wins, toss up wins, and long shot wins?
  • Shawn: what is your opinion on Austin Kendall transferring from OU, and if he does could FSU be a landing destination for him?
  • Dori: I want to hear about linebackers. We’ve taken a few—who can start next year, and what’s up with Jaiden Woodbey? Will he stay at LB or move back?
  • Michael: DT position looks like a potential problem next season. Do you guys agree?
  • Don: Assuming nothing else changed and the refs got the call right and FSU beats UM wins bowl and goes 7-6. How much does that change perception of team, season and offseason moves? Think Bell still bolts? Problems still the same. OL still horrible. QB needs answers.
  • Jeffrey: Any insights about the AD?
  • Beau: For my question I was wondering, if you could trade out Florida State’s home football game environment for any other school in the country, who would you choose?
  • Kyle: Looking at Clemson’s championship win and what Dabo has built, is there a good argument for FSU to be patient and stay the course with Coach Taggart? I know FSU is a different story now than Clemson was then in terms of stature and national notoriety, but Dabo’s first few years were nothing to write home about. His work to change the culture of the program is clearly paying dividends, and Willie seems to be on the same track. Love the show, and look forward to listening to the new content over the offseason.

On the next episode, we will focus more on recruiting since FSU’s big recruiting weekend is January 25.


A bunch of hoops discussion with Matthew Minnick.