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FSU football’s newest 2019 national championship odds

Checking in on what Vegas thinks of the ’Noles.

NCAA Football: Florida at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago, we ran a piece discussing Florida State football’s early odds to win the 2019 national title. Superbook at the Westgate Las Vegas had the Seminoles as a top-25 bet, giving FSU a 100/1 chance to win it all.

Today, Caesars Entertainment has issued new odds, and like temperatures across the country, Florida State’s chances have dropped. The ’Noles are now getting 150/1 odds, along with some others. However, FSU is still a top-25 pick, as 23 teams have more favorable odds— they’re all listed below.

Clemson 2/1

Alabama 5/2

Georgia 6/1

Ohio State 15/1

Texas 15/1

Michigan 20/1

Oklahoma 20/1

Florida 25/1

LSU 30/1

Texas A&M 30/1

Oregon 40/1

Notre Dame 40/1

Auburn 40/1

USC 50/1

Washington 50/1

Wisconsin 60/1

Iowa 75/1

Mississippi State 75/1

Penn State 75/1

Utah 75/1

Nebraska 100/1

UCLA 100/1

Washington State 100/1

Florida State 150/1

Miami 150/1

Michigan State 150/1

Oklahoma State 150/1

Purdue 150/1

The only ACC school with better chances than the ’Noles and Hurricanes is Clemson, while there are two Big 12 programs with shorter odds, six each from the Pac-12 and Big Ten, and seven from the SEC.

Here’s the complete list of odds: