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2019 FSU football has early top-25 national championship odds

So Vegas is saying there’s a chance?

NCAA Football: Florida at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

You know what’s fun about Vegas? Hope. Tantalizing, soul-crushing hope. Fittingly, there are early odds out on Florida State’s chances to win the national championship in 2019, in the wake of Clemson out-Alabamaing Alabama for the 2018 title (spoiler: ’Bama is still ’Bama, and it will be until, and maybe after, Nick Saban leaves, given his obvious immortality).

Here’s the strange thing: these odds are surprisingly optimistic for the Seminoles, all things considered.

100/1. How things have changed. On the one hand, hey, the Seminoles are surrounded by a bunch of other teams that actually qualified for a bowl game after the 2018 season. And really, is it that bad that FSU is only getting worse odds, among ACC teams, than Clemson and Miami? And the same odds as Virginia Tech? I mean, is Florida State really twice as likely to win the 2019 national title as Washington State? For the sake of Mike Leach, I hope not.