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FanPulse: FSU fan confidence makes another big jump after 2nd straight win

On the rise again.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Winning isn’t everything. You proved that when your confidence rose after Florida State’s close loss at Virginia in week three. But winning sure does help. And after the Seminoles put together a pair of ACC wins to follow-up falling short vs. UVA, your confidence in the direction of the FSU program has risen for the third consecutive week.

Check it out:

Week 1: 43%

Week 2: 8%

Week 3: 32%

Week 4: 63%

Week 5: 83%

But if you think you’re feeling good about the direction of Florida State, check out the optimism on these fanbases, coming in at 100%: Arizona State, Baylor, Cal, Colorado, Duke, Georgia, Iowa, Louisville, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio State, Oregon, Utah, Virginia, and Wake Forest.

That’s right. Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, LSU, Auburn, and Wisconsin, undefeated FanPulse top-10 teams, failed to hit 100%. Florida held at 96%, and Miami, now below FSU, dropped a point from 69% to 68%.