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Staff predictions: FSU vs. Clemson

We pride ourselves on consistency. Mostly.

NCAA Football: Clemson at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Okay just go already.

Juan Montalvo III:

FSU 41 - Clemson 24

When one begins his study of theoretical physics, the genesis of the universe is often a motivation. Quantum physics helps us understand that even the smallest of particles, immensely difficult to observe (or theorize), are why we are here today on this rock revolving around an ongoing nuclear fusion reaction in our small corner of the galaxy.

The score I wrote above may seem galaxy brain, however one must draw on his knowledge of quanta to understand it.

FSU and Clemson are mere particles carrying angular momentum— “spin” if you will. The late particle physics pioneer Paul Dirac, FSU’s own whose name graces the science library, proves that spin is indeed relativistic, reconciling particle physics with special relativity. This is to say, Dirac’s implication of the existence of antimatter is yet another example of parity in symmetry.

The law of conservation of parity of particle allows us to reach the following conclusion (after transformations which do not take well to this medium):

Clemson 41, FSU 24


Success for me would be to escape without injuries.


My prediction is pain, lots of pain. Seriously, the ’Noles fight to the bitter end in this one, but the talent gap is too great on the FSU OL and Clemson DL. I just can’t see a scenario where FSU sustains enough drives to keep the pressure on Clemson.

Clemson 45 - FSU 17


Well, this is where the mirror season comes to an end. Last year, this is the game where FSU held a lead over Miami, only to lose by one point. It would be amazing for FSU to play a similar game this year, but I just don’t see that happening. Clemson should control both sides of the line, but the Tigers will especially dominate Florida State’s offensive line. Clemson will pick on the Seminoles’ linebackers and secondary and roll to an easy victory.

Clemson 45, FSU 12

Matt Minnick:

The UL game was two straight wins ATS for me and four consecutive SU, bringing my FSU game record to 2-3 ATS and 4-1 SU. Yay.

Florida State is clearly improved over last season. Heck they are improved compared to four weeks ago. But the Seminoles are still several notches below where Clemson is as a program right now. Sure, the Tigers haven’t consistently dominated this year and UNC could have beat them just two weeks ago. However, like many programs, Clemson is going to focus in much more for a game against FSU —a rival, no less— than it does for a random game against a middle of the pack Coastal team. Frankly, I’m more concerned with the ’Noles making it through the game healthy and without any suspensions going into Wake next week. I do think FSU nabs a backdoor cover. Yay.

Clemson 42, FSU 20

Bud Elliott:

FSU has not shown it can block a decent defense, much less an elite one. FSU is 112th in sack-rate allowed and Clemson is 6th in sack-rate defense. FSU is 112th in havoc rate allowed, and Clemson is 16th in havoc-rate created. FSU’s passing game is legitimately good (27th), but Clemson has the No. 1 passing defense in the nation.

FSU also cannot stop the run, sitting at 105th in rushing success rate allowed, while Clemson is 4th in rushing success rate, meaning Clemson should be able to consistently get into 2nd and 7 and 3rd and 4 or better by running the football. This should allow Clemson to use RPO and play-action throughout the game.

FSU 17, Clemson 45.

Jon Marchant:

Y’all got any more of them Men in Black memory erasers?

FSU 16 - 38 Clemson

Perry Kostidakis:

Florida State is going to score some quick points in the first quarter while Clemson sputters a bit, everybody is going to be on the verge of having hope, and then Clemson is going to shut out FSU the rest of the way.

And you know what? Honestly, I’ll take it.

Clemson 38, Florida State 17

Evan Johnson:

The only way FSU has a chance of staying competitive in this game is if Clemson’s bus crashes on its third lap of the stadium or if somebody put arsenic on that door stop they run or if their hill suffers from a nasty bout of erosion and becomes a slip-n-slide. Even then I’m not sure FSU has much of a shot.

What FSU can do in this game is not get injured and not get suspended. The defense should not tackle anybody in the second half as they will almost assuredly get called for a targeting penalty and miss the first half of the Wake Forest game. I don’t see any tangible for FSU making the trip to South Carolina to play this game. With football cuts across the entire athletic department, Willie Taggart can make his AD very very happy by not taking that plane trip up to Clemson. Bank that money and use it for something positive.

Clemson 57, FSU 10

Trey Rowland:

In the early days of MMA, Royce Gracie was synonymous with the UFC. Using his technical prowess in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Gracie won 3 out of the first 4 UFC tournaments. Gracie basically ran the organization and introduced the world to a completely dominant style of fighting.

Take that Art Jimmerson

However, by the time UFC 60 rolled around, Gracie met the new boss. Gracie was scheduled to go up against welterweight wrecking machine Matt Hughes. Gracie represented the past of the organization, and his nemesis was the current champion.

How’d it go for our boy Royce?

Not. Great. Bob.

Sweet long-winded analogy Trey, BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Well, Florida State used to run the ACC with an iron fist, and now Clemson is bludgeoning us from a back mount.

FSU is Gracie. Clemson is Hughes. Finkle is Einhorn.

’Noles 20, Clemson 42


I know, and our players know, that we should be 5-0.

Our players also realize that losing this game to Clemson may cost them a chance at the College Football Playoff and a possibility of not winning the ACC Championship.

This is the point of the season where our players will play harder, give 112% more effort, and play with more heart than the Clemson players.

The Noles are going to freakin’ rip out their freakin’ kitty hearts and freakin’ eat it right in front of their freakin’ kitten eyes, all while they freakin’ watch us dig up a piece of freakin’ Memorial turf, and then freakin’ “accidentally” knock over freakin’ Howard’s Door Stopper on the way out of their freakin’ ridiculous stadium.

FSU 38 - Clempson 35

David Visser:

I look at this game like the middle movie of the Lord of the Rings trilogy: it’s a bridge that’s probably gonna suck.

But on the other side is hope. And here’s hoping that this staff has been wise enough to prepare, dually, for both Clemson and Wake Forest at the same time, because after this impending loss in Death Valley, the Seminoles really could rip off five straight wins. It won’t be easy, and I wouldn’t bet on it, but it wouldn’t shock me either.

So even though losing to the Tigers yet again will be a tough pill to swallow, FSU needs to take that red pill and realize that one loss is still just one loss, and real possibilities exist through the rest of the schedule.

And let’s hope, for FSU’s sake, that its sequels to the Clemson game are better than what resulted from the once-promising franchises I’ve shamelessly mashed together above.

FSU 20, Clemson 45