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Nolecast: Instant reaction to FSU’s defeat at Clemson

No surprise.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

After Florida State did what we all expected — lose decisively vs. Clemson — our Bud Elliot took to the airwaves to discuss the game.

This is a rather brief Instant Reaction, because there’s just not a ton to take away from this game that we didn’t already know. As usual, it all begins up front. And predictably, the ’Nole offensive line was simply unable to block the Tigers. That had a lot to do with FSU coming up well short of the yards-per-play average Bud and Ingram set for the Seminole offense. And the Florida State defense fell short of its YPP goal, too. The FSU offensive line certainly didn’t do its quarterbacks any favors, but both James Blackman and Alex Hornibrook played poorly regardless.

Still, there were a couple of silver linings for the ’Noles, who played hard throughout the contest. Even though the game got out of hand early, Florida State made Clemson earn the victory. And they didn’t commit a bunch of selfish personal fouls that resulted in a player suspended for the first half of next weekend’s game against Wake Forest.

Click below to listen to the full Nolecast.