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FanPulse: FSU fans’ confidence drops again after Clemson game

Is this warranted?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 08 Samford at Florida State Photo by Logan Stanford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Your confidence in the direction of the Florida State football program dipped a little when the Seminoles didn’t win the weekend before last. That’s a touch harsh, since the ’Noles were bye, so it really wasn’t a huge shock that your confidence fell by double-digit points after FSU’s loss at Clemson— even if what happened in Death Valley was pretty much what should’ve been expected.

Here are the Tomahawk Nation program-direction fan-confidence totals, to date:

Week 1: 43%

Week 2: 8%

Week 3: 32%

Week 4: 63%

Week 5: 83%

Week 6: 79%

Week 7: 68%

But you’re hardly the most volatile fanbase out there. After showing 100% approval of their program direction for the first six polls, Georgia fans came in at 54% after a defeat to South Carolina. Think they’d wanna trade places?

Heading in the other direction, Miami fans’ confidence skyrocketed 50 points from 26% to 76% after the Hurricanes won — as favorites — against Virginia. And despite dropping a road contest vs. LSU, Florida fans’ confidence rose to 100%, from 98%.

Other fanbases currently at 100% confidence in the directions of their respective programs: Arizona State, Cal, Clemson, Duke, Iowa State, Louisville, LSU, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon, Penn State, Purdue, South Carolina, North Carolina, Utah, and Wake Forest (FSU’s next opponent). The Sun Devils, Golden Bears, and Demon Deacons are the only programs that have remained at 100% confidence through every poll.

And then there are those fanbases entirely bereft of hope: the 0%ers. It’s a small but miserable group, largely based in the Big Ten: Boston College, Illinois, Michigan State, and Rutgers.

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