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Nolecast: Instant reaction to FSU’s close defeat at Wake Forest

Talking through another tight road loss for Florida State.

Florida State v Wake Forest Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Our Bud Elliott took to the airwaves again last night (well, this morning) to offer his immediate thoughts following the Seminoles’ road loss against Wake Forest.

Both praise and blame tend to begin and end with the head coach, and ’Nole head coach Willie Taggart deserves plenty of the latter, given his mismanagement of timeouts, specifically surrounding special teams.

As I discussed in my breakdown of FSU’s defensive performance, the ’Nole D played well, better than we expected. There’s really not much you can hang on that unit here.

But the commendations bestowed upon the Florida State defense cannot be extended to the offense, which, at 5 YPP, came in well below the goal set on the Nolecast preview of 6.75. Where, specifically, was this game lost? On FSU’s inability to hit big plays and on its subpar finishing of opportunity-drives (those penetrating within the opposition’s 40). An interception, a fumble, and a missed field goal on such drives prospectively took points off the board that could have led to not just a Seminole victory, but perhaps a comfortable win.

Check out the Nolecast by clicking below.