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FanPulse: FSU fan confidence in program-direction plummets

A precipitous drop.

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

This isn’t the lowest your confidence has been in the direction of the Florida State football program. But it’s close.

Week 1: 43%

Week 2: 8%

Week 3: 32%

Week 4: 63%

Week 5: 83%

Week 6: 79%

Week 7: 68%

Week 8: 13%

Seminole supporters’ confidence level (okay actually 12.8%, but I round off) is now lower than that of Miami fans (13.2%). Both teams are 3-4, but while the Hurricanes’ dropped after losing at home to Georgia Tech, the worst team in the ACC, the FSU fall came following a two-point road loss to 6-1, 25th-ranked Wake Forest, which was about what Vegas anticipated, listing the ’Noles as 1.5-point underdogs.

The only fanbases with lower confidence than the Seminoles and ’Canes: Ole Miss, Rutgers, and Stanford.

Florida State’s opponent this weekend, the Syracuse Orange, saw their fan confidence open the season at 100%. And then they started playing games. ’Cuse is currently at 46%.

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