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Nolecast: Reviewing the highs and lows of FSU’s win vs. NC State

Unpacking a solid win against the ’Pack.

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Our Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return for a look back at the Seminoles’ decisive win over the North Carolina State Wolfpack in Tallahassee. The guys start with the numbers, which help set the table for points of discussion. Listed below are some topics of conversation.

  • Stats show that the defense did a nice job limiting explosive plays, but could still be better on a down-to-down basis against the run
  • Florida State is still fighting some turnover luck issues— but those don’t include prospective interceptions that were flat-out dropped
  • How a blitz-happy NC State defensive approach took FSU some time to figure out via some max-protect looks, and why opponents with better secondaries could be a real issue for the ’Noles moving forward
  • The OL is still a liability— and the remaining DLs on the schedule could really expose that further
  • And more about Alex Hornibrook not necessarily being what some narratives will have you believe

Bud and Ingram discuss plenty more, but I don’t wanna spoil it. Listen by clicking on the link below.