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Nolecast: Discussing FSU football players & financial literacy with a special guest

Dollars. And sense.

LEBANON-POLITICS-ECONOMY Photo credit should read JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images

This is a rather different Nolecast, one well suited for Florida State’s bye week. With the NC State game already discussed, our Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith welcome Didier Occident. An FSU fan, Occident created a financial literacy program for Seminole football players that launched last year and has since been picked up by other programs.

He joins the guys to talk about the origins and aims that prompted this initiative, which is, as he puts it, to make student-athletes “elite stewards of their finances.” Occident points out that regardless of how much money one has, bad financial habits are still bad financial habits. He also describes how encouraged he’s been at the interest players have shown in gaining the knowledge he’s seeking to impart, and how that reflects the positive manner in which the FSU football program is affecting its players’ lives off the field.

And of course, the recent news about players benefitting, financially, from the use of the likenesses is discussed as well.

But he’s the expert here, and you’re better off hearing him describe the program— it’s really quite interesting. You can check out Bud and Ingram’s full interview with Didier by clicking on the link below.