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FSU’s week-6 FanPulse Top-25 poll & the weekend’s most anticipated game

’Noles going against the grain for No. 1.

Samford v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Tomahawk Nation voters have been a little more lenient with Clemson than the rest of the country. While the national FanPulse electorate anticipated the AP’s move of swapping Alabama into the top spot a week ago, you’ve given the Tigers two more cycles atop the polls. I guess whatever happens in Death Valley this weekend will look better with a No. 1 next to the opponent’s name. You also thought Ohio State deserved a bump over Georgia into third.

Here’s this week’s Tomahawk Nation FanPulse poll, with last week’s TN ranks in parentheses.

  1. Clemson (1)
  2. Alabama (2)
  3. Ohio State (4)
  4. Georgia (3)
  5. LSU (5)
  6. Oklahoma (6)
  7. Wisconsin (8)
  8. Florida (12)
  9. Notre Dame (9)
  10. Texas (10)
  11. Penn State (11)
  12. Oregon (13)
  13. Auburn (7)
  14. Boise State (15)
  15. Utah (17)
  16. Iowa (14)
  17. Michigan (20)
  18. Washington (16)
  19. Arizona State (NR)
  20. Wake Forest (23)
  21. Virginia (18)
  22. SMU (NR)
  23. Oklahoma State (NR)
  24. UCF (21)
  25. Texas A&M (24)

So, question: exactly what did Arizona State do to rocket from unranked to No. 19— during a bye week? Along those lines, how did Oklahoma State lose by double-digits to an unranked Texas Tech team, and climb into the poll?

I’m still getting a handle on TN readers’ voting habits, but I now know which role you’d fill on the Always Sunny crew.

I guess I have the same questions for FanPulse voters across all SBN collegiate sites, because here’s the national poll:

Along with a refresher of last week’s:

Finally, the results of this week’s countrywide question: which game are you most anticipating—

  1. Oklahoma vs. Texas - 38.5%
  2. Florida vs. LSU - 32%
  3. Penn State vs. Iowa - 10.1%
  4. USC vs. Notre Dame - 8.3%
  5. FSU vs. Clemson - 5.1%
  6. Alabama vs. Texas A&M - 4.3%
  7. Bucknell vs. Colgate - 1.7%

If you’d like to signup to be a voter, you can do so here.