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FSU football opponent Q&A: Miami Hurricanes

Georgia Tech v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

We’re very fortunate — some weeks less so than others, I guess — to have the SB Nation network of team sites to work with during game weeks. This week we’re having fun hate-chatting with Kappa Cane, a staff writer over at State of the U, SBN’s blog for the Miami of Ohio Redhawks Hurricanes. We had a frenemy talk about dumpster fires, similarities, and poetry.

TN: How’s the weather in Ohio this time of year? Will you guys finally win the MAC this season?

SOTU: Har-Dee Har-Har little brother… Willie’s $17,000,000.00 buyout says hello.

TN: Well that’s just rude. The ‘Canes have had a weird season. They’ve beaten teams they shouldn’t have and lost games they dominated and should have won. They dropped their first two games by 7 combined points and all four losses are by just one-score. It feels like Miami is both good and bad and you never know what you’re gonna get. What’s happening and why?

SOTU: I think Miami is going through similar challenges as the Seminoles with poor offensive line play, depth issues, a revolving QB carousel, and a pinch of “cancer” within the team. Add to that a coaching staff that is feeling their way through the season in real time and you have a better understanding of how we’re both at 4-4. I believe that we are both more alike than either of us would care to acknowledge at this point.

TN: That’s...that’s not true! OK maybe it is. We’re on the back half of the schedule and there’s a QB competition in Coral Gables. In your eyes, what are the strengths and weaknesses of Jarren Williams and N’Kosi Perry, and who do you think should start vs FSU?

SOTU: I think each of our quarterbacks have their strengths and weaknesses. Jarren Williams is the more accurate QB of the group, but he lacks the deep ball ability that N’kosi Perry exhibits. Perry has been more mobile and fluid within the pocket (I attribute this to more collegiate experience), but Williams was a highly rated Dual-Threat QB coming out of high school. Both guys are capable of beating FSU under the right conditions. Don’t be surprised to see a Tate Martell package as a wrinkle in this game.

TN: Write us a haiku or limerick about Bubba Baxa please (for bonus points, write it so it applies to Ricky Aguayo as well).


Oh my god he missed

It was close yet not enough

Put the walk on in

Miami v North Carolina
Will Mallory #85 reacts to a missed field goal by Bubba Baxa #21 of the Miami Hurricanes during the first half of their game against the North Carolina Tar Heels at Kenan Stadium on September 07, 2019 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

TN: With all of that said, what’s the temperature of the fanbase regarding Manny Diaz? Are Canes fans already worried his tenure is a dumpster fire?

SOTU: The loud minority are upset and are griping, the optimists are beginning to squint, and the homers are slurping it up. I think most fans fall somewhere in the middle and are cautiously optimistic that Manny is the right guy for the job. Often times, a Head Coach will fail because the assistants he chose failed. I don’t think being 8 games into season number one of the Diaz era is enough of a sample size to call for ANY firings. I mean, it’s not like he’s 56-61 over ten seasons [winks].

TN: I don’t get it. Was that Randy Shannon’s record? If the FSU offense is going to find success against Miami’s stout defense, how would they do it? Where are the weak spots you’d attack?

SOTU: If I were Kendal Briles, I’d change my name. Then, I would run Akers and Laborn in crossing routes over the shallow middle and follow it up with Akers outside the tackles in large doses. Our secondary is young and prone to mistakes as they are trying to make impact plays.

TN: On the flip side of that, what does Miami do offensively or defensively that could give the ‘Noles issues? Do you think they can slow down Cam Akers?

SOTU: Akers is a great competitor, so I expect he will touch the ball at least 25 times between rushes and receptions. I am excited to see what Miami’s Defense does to contain him as their strength is run defense coming in ranked 17th in the nation giving up only 106.1 yards rushing per game.

TN: Alright, we wish you luck. How do you see this one playing out? Give us a score prediction, and would you please be willing to draw us a hilarious picture of something you see happening in the game?

SOTU: With Miami being the underdog on the road, I think they pull this one out in a low scoring game. Final score Miami 24, FSU 20.

Well that isn’t very nice.

A big thank you to KappaCane for taking the time to chat with us and being a great sport! You can find him on Twitter @KappaCane. Click here to read our answers to his questions. Don’t forget to check out State of the U for your Ohio ahem I mean Miami coverage needs.