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FSU football opponent Q&A: Alabama State Hornets

Let’s get to know a new opponent a little bit better.

Florida State v Wake Forest Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

We’re very fortunate to have the SB Nation network of team sites to work with during game weeks. This week we’re having fun talking with Juan’s Baby, born on Monday and now the new head writer for SBN’s blog for the Fightin’ Infants. We chatted about punters, diapers, logos, and bowls.

TN: FSU faces Alabama State on Saturday. How many diapers will Juan have to change during the game and will he be sober for it?

JB: [unintelligible]

TN: What comes first: a ten win season or your first word?

JB: I’m not that stupid, pal. It won’t take me half a decade to verbalize these thoughts.

TN: If you could say one thing to Bob Stoops, what would it be?

JB: Shit or get a new diaper, pal.

TN: Your father has a big crush on him, but what are your thoughts on Cason Beatty? Is your dad going to name you after him?

JB: I don’t want to get punted 70 yards like Beatty used to do, so I’ll keep my opinions swaddled.

TN: How many terrible dad jokes does your dad have ready to go? Is it more or less than FSU will score on Saturday?

JB: As he is ghostwriting this for me, it would be mean spirited to mock his sense of humor. I wouldn’t want to spook him off.

TN: Are you team #KeepThisChief? What are your thoughts about white numbers on the garnet home jerseys?

JB: I may be a new Nole, but I’m an old soul. FSU played better with white numbers and not the CRYIN ELVIS LOGO. When I was a kid, FSU was... well, they are and were crap. It’s been a pretty short week. I’ve spent like the whole week looking asking dad to see where every business jet tangentially related to any airports FSU executives or Stoops may use.

TN: What are father and son going to do to celebrate FSU becoming officially bowl eligible?

JB: Pop bottles.

TN: OK, give us a prediction for Saturday: what do you see happening that day?

JB: Planning on eating every 2-3 hours, interspersed with napping and crapping my pants. Pretty much same as my dad, and FSU. FSU 69 - fifth best high school team in Alabama 10.

A big thank you to Juan’s Baby for taking the time to chat with us! Since he can’t talk he didn’t ask us any questions.