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Odell Haggins emphasizes the high expectations of FSU football and the will to fight

What is Swag Surfin?

Courteney Korosec

Interim head coach Odell Haggins spoke with the media after becoming bowl eligible in Florida State’s victory over Alabama State and was candid with his response.

Haggins opened the press conference by emphasizing how difficult the dismissal of Willie Taggart from the program has been on the players. The interim head coach said, “Well, I tell you what, you know, our kids went out and fought. But the one thing about it, this was a two-week thing for those kids. It was a very emotional time. It was a very emotional time. And I take my hat off to those young men. They fought. They could have gave in, but those young men fought.”

He continued, “That Florida State pride, that’s the key. And like I say, I told them in there in the locker room, I said, guys, we’re going to correct those mistakes tomorrow. We’re going to get after it tomorrow. And they said, Coach, we got you. We got your back, Coach. And again, it just, it’s amazing. God put us in situations to help young men. We as college coaches must understand why we’re doing this job. And I just want to thank my mother for instilling that into me. And I don’t think I could have been able to do it if my mother didn’t instill things like that in me. That’s a statement I would like to make to the college coaches. We must instill a work ethic in these young men.”

Haggins further addressed the high expectations of Florida State. He said, “When these young men come to Florida State, they sign on the dotted line, they expect that. That’s the expectation of Florida State University, to be in the top-5 every year and win National Championships. We didn’t make it -- we probably, we won’t be in a New Year’s Day bowl, but we’re going bowling. That’s something we can build on as a university and we are going to build on it.”

Odell Haggins Postgame Press Conference: Alabama State

Interim head coach Odell Haggins speaks with the media following Florida State's win over Alabama State. The win makes the Seminoles bowl eligible.

Posted by on Saturday, November 16, 2019