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Cory Durden discusses Odell Haggins’ leadership after FSU’s win over Alabama State

The star DT believes Haggins is easily the best candidate for the ‘Noles new head coach

Florida State v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Many FSU players recently took to twitter to voice their confidence in Odell Haggins as head coach and Cory Durden was one of those.

Durden backed up his tweet after FSU’s 49-12 victory over Alabama State on Saturday, and spoke on why he believes Haggins is the ‘Noles best option, “He’s a great leader. Everyone’s bought in, he’s already won the team over.” Durden also mentioned stability within the program as a big reason he’d like to see his position coach become the HC.

The defensive tackle also mentioned that the locker room needs a tough coach in the locker room. He explained that Haggins isn’t afraid to go after guys but he’ll also reward them when they do something right. Durden stressed that the team responds to that type of coach, “You got a locker room full of grown men, sometimes that’s what you need, a tough coach.”

The redshirt sophomore also spoke on why he’s continuing to play despite many injuries and the birth of his child coming soon. Durden explained that he came to FSU to play football, and that’s what he’s going to do, his job. He’s also looking forward to the upcoming matchup against rival UF saying, “I can’t wait.”

FSU DT Cory Durden post-game media availability

Posted by on Saturday, November 16, 2019