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QB James Blackman on Odell Haggins, becoming bowl eligible, and his overall performance

Coach Odell is Florida State, you can’t speak about Florida State without Coach Odell.

NCAA Football: Alabama State at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

QB James Blackman discussed Odell Haggins, Bowl eligibility, and his own performance after today’s victory over Alabama State.

Players have been singing his praises on social media this week and Blackman followed suit and said, “Coach Odell is Florida State. You can’t speak about Florida State without Coach Odell. He’s been here a long time; he’s spent a lot of hours making sure this program gets where we want. I feel like he’s a hard worker and he deserves the love that we’re showing him right now because he earned it. He’s put in a lot of work, earned a lot of people’s respect, especially around this school. And we love him for that.”

Blackman spoke about the Seminoles’ becoming bowl eligible, and said “It’s a blessing. When we speak about Florida State we never would have this conversation of being bowl eligible. But, it is a blessing that we are bowl eligible right now. We’re going to keep striving, like I said we want to win out. We’re going to keep going to work and putting our best foot forward.”

Blackman wasn’t completely impressed with his performance placing emphasis on his interception and said “I don’t like that at all. Overall, I helped the team win, put the team in a good position to win the game. Very satisfied we got the win.”

Jame Blackman Postgame Interview: Alabama State

James Blackman speaks to the media following the win over Alabama State. The win makes the Seminoles bowl eligible.

Posted by on Saturday, November 16, 2019