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Willie Taggart issues statement after being fired by Florida State

The two-year head man was graceful in bowing out

Boise State v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Earlier today, Florida State made the decision to fire their head football coach, Willie Taggart. Through his rocky tenure as the football coach, Taggart has always been a positive ambassador for the school. He continued to show class in the face of growing adversity from fans and boosters. And that trait continued this afternoon when Coach Taggart took to twitter to share his thoughts on his dismissal.

From a personal level, cheering for Taggart was easy. He donated $1 million to the school’s fundraising campaign. He called Florida State his dream job and embraced the program’s tradition. On paper, it seemed like the perfect hire.

Constant misfires, misstatements and mistakes, however, did him in. On a professional level, Taggart was ultimately unable to achieve the enough positive results on the field to save his job. There were barriers in his way to immediate success, but a lot of Florida State’s failings under him seemed fixable, as the same issues never really went away.