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Florida State football, recruiting news: The search begins

Odell Haggins takes the wheel.

Florida State Announces Firing of Head Football Coach Willie Taggart - New Conference Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images


After the news spread that Willie Taggart had been fired as head coach of Florida State the reactions started pouring in. First, the writers at TN got together to give their pros and cons of the move.

But then the more emotional reactions came, including from past, present, and future Seminole players.

With Taggart gone, Odell Haggins once again took the podium for the customary Monday press conference, as he once did after Jimbo Fisher. Athletic Director David Coburn opened the PC by talking about the reactions by the players after they were told, why Haggins was named interim head coach, and why — and for what reasons — the decision to move on from Taggart was made at this time. Haggins then took the podium and made some pretty incredible and inspiring remarks, but made sure to bring the focus back to the players and doing what’s right for them.

“Hopes” seems to be doing an awful lot of heavy lifting here...

Naturally, the attention now turns to Taggart’s replacement, and of course, good old internet rumors:

As for who FSU might look at with a search firm, some betting odds are out on who the next head coach at FSU might be.

ESPN made a list of the 150 greatest college football games ever played, and it’s worth reading. Numerous FSU games make the list.

Offensive tackle Ryan Roberts is putting his time into a worthy cause:


Not only were we tracking reactions to Taggart’s firing, but also any potential decommitments. Unfortunately, two four-star recruits have made the understandable decision to re-open their recruitment.

Other Sports:

The Women’s Basketball team opens their season tonight and the first 250 fans get a free taco! Not sure how many more reasons you need to support the team!


Jameis Winston headlines this week’s ’Noles in the NFL, as Winston threw for 335 yards and two touchdowns in a 40-34 OT loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Dalvin Cook also had a very good if relatively quiet day, at least for him. Eddie Goldman and Josh Sweat also recorded some sacks, plus more.