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Staff predictions: FSU vs. Boston College

Prophesy renewed.

Florida State v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Spoiler: it’s going to be chilly in Boston in November. For the sake of Florida State football, let’s hope our predictions are just as cold.

Evan Johnson: I’m not sure how much anybody really cares about the game this week. It’s certainly an afterthought among the community at large, but I think the players will come out energized. Odell did a good job last time of getting players ready for their last two games, and while the situations are different and the opponent is better, I think he can get them ready to go. The problem is what happens after FSU gets punched in the mouth?

BC has seen a bit of a resurgence in their offensive production over the last month or so with the outlier being Clemson. I think FSU can limit the BC offense a bit due to their strength up the middle. This might be mitigated by the defense’s inability to set the edge, but BC wants to run north and south, so I think that weakness will be lessened a bit.

After QB Anthony Brown went down, Dennis Grosel took over and hasn’t done well. However, this means that BC runs the ball more and they have benefited quite a bit. They also benefited by playing Syracuse, NC State, and Louisville— but so has FSU. The surprising one there is NC State, which makes you think that maybe they have gotten their run game together and could really gash the ‘Noles.

On the other side of the ball, BC is quite bad. Really, the only reason FSU shouldn’t score in this game is because it messed things up. BC ranks near the bottom of football in most defensive categories, so I’m expecting a bit of a shootout.

FSU 45, BC 38

Jon Marchant: Ugh. This is right where I didn’t want FSU to be. It’s also where I had hopefully thought they wouldn’t be. But here we are. They have to beat Boston College to go bowling this season. Taggart getting fired wasn’t just about the Miami game obviously, but also for the team being in this position three two seasons in a row. I have no idea how the team will react, but I’m leaning toward them playing hard. They played hard for Odell two years ago, and despite not being very good, they still haven’t quit on this season. At the same time, it’s hard to really have any faith in this team. I told BC Interruption that I think FSU wins 34-30 or something like that, but the more I think about it, the more I think they come out a bit flat. With losing Big Marv for the rest of the season, I think AJ Dillon has a big day, and FSU ends up on a two-year bowl-less streak.

FSU 20 — BC 24

Trey Rowland:

With Willie Taggart knocked out, Interim Coach Odell Haggins steps into the Octagon this week against Boston College.

You know, this whole situation reminds me of the fight between...nobody. Florida State is in a unique situation, and I don’t have a great MMA comparison.

My bad.

So, with that being said, I’m going to tell you what I think is going to happen and then post a sweet gif of Mirko Filipovic kicking Igor Vovchanchyn in the face.

BC is a very good running team, with an atrocious defense. FSU’s best defensive player, Marvin Wilson, is out for the season. The ’Noles will score, but the Eagles will grind out a win via their rushing attack.

As promised

FSU 28 BC 31


This game is a recipe for disaster for Florida State. The game will be played at noon, in freezing temperatures, with their head coach fired, without their best defensive player, and that’s on top of all their other problems. What else can go wrong before kickoff? I expect Boston College will run AJ Dilllon early and often and after that, they’ll run him even more. The only chance FSU has is if it can turn this into a shootout, and I just don’t see that happening.

BC 38, FSU 24


Freezing temperatures? Check.

Coach fired? Check.

Best defensive players injured? Check.

AJ Dillon coming off a 242-yard performance vs. Syracuse? Check.

I’m under no illusion as to how this game is going to go; I hope I’m wrong, but this is going to be bad.

FSU 21 BC 38


The season is over at this point... I mean really there are still games to be played and a bowl game to potentially be made?

I expect a short-handed FSU squad to fight hard on Saturday, but that isn’t going to be enough to beat a BC offense that can put points up in bunches.

BC 42 - FSU 28

Perry Kostidakis:

I’ve been delusional this whole season— so why not just let it ride?

Give me a ridiculous, somewhat fun, very ACC game, where FSU somehow rises up in a shootout, taking advantage of a bad Boston College defense and the status of not having god-awful garbage field position every drive.

Florida State 35, Boston College 30

Dakota Moyer:

The last time Florida State played at Boston College, the Seminoles got whipped and Andrew Boselli fell asleep on the sidelines.

It might be the same this time.

BC 28, FSU 20

David Visser:

There was no good time for Florida State to lose Marvin Wilson up front on defense. But his absence for the rest of the season coming in time for the BC game really hurts. The Seminole LBs will need to play with renewed vigor, intelligence, and toughness— or the Eagles will run right over them.

I think the ’Nole defense will answer the call at times, but fall short just as often. Taggart, and his propensity for losing big games, may be gone, but the personnel that facilitated that dubious run remains— and so will the result.

FSU 24, BC 35