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FSU football opponent Q&A: Boston College Eagles

Who will fly higher on Saturday?

Boston College v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

We’re very fortunate to have the SB Nation network of team sites to work with during game weeks. This week we’re having fun talking with Niraj Patel, the lead football writer over at BC Interruption, SBN’s blog for the Boston College Eagles. We chatted about colors, balls that are round, and aggressive hugging.

TN: So tell us...who has the better jersey colors at the moment - Boston College or Florida State? (hint: it might be a trick question haha) If both teams were to wear their maroon/garnet home jerseys, how many interceptions do you think we’d see?

BCI: Maroon and gold, no contest. What’s garnet anyways, and does anyone know that’s the color? Is it even sold at Home Depot? Since BC doesn’t throw the ball, but can’t get turnovers, I think max one or two. Unless Jameis “the squinter” Winston gets the start.

TN: I’m sure you’ve gotten this question a lot recently, but how big was the loss of Anthony Brown, and what adjustments have the Eagles made in his absence to compensate for losing him? Who has stepped in his shoes and run the offense?

BCI: Losing Anthony Brown was tough, most of all because of how many injuries he’s had to deal with in his three seasons. This was looking to be by far his best statistical season I think too. The team has been even more run heavy than before ever since. I don’t think new quarterback Dennis Grosel has attempted more than 15 passes in a single game. In part, this is because of how well the run game has been in the past few games, and so not really having much a need to pass. It’s definitely the best formula for the team to win. It’s been virtually all AJ Dillon and David Bailey and because of them, the play action game has been even more effective (small sample size of course)

TN: Now that FSU is a basketball school, how are Jim Christian’s boys looking this season?

BCI: HAHAHA not good. Let’s just say they’ll be lucky to get to .500 and Christian maybe lucky to be back next year. Losing Ky Bowman to the NBA and probably their next best player Wynston Tabbs really trounces any expectations.

TN: This space here is reserved for praise about AJ Dillon. Tell us about how good he is. He’s gotta be up there on the BC record books, right? What kind of success do you think he’ll have against the ‘Noles?

BCI: There really aren’t enough good things to say. He broke the all time rushing and touchdown records over the past two weeks. Teams are keying in on him, and it still seems so difficult to slow him down. Despite his workload, he ends up wearing opposing defenses down more often than not. Projecting out a little bit, I think he should eclipse the century mark, but I don’t think he’ll go berserk in back-to-back weeks.

TN: Fill us in on the Eagles defense and what you think of their performance this season.

BCI: It just hasn’t met the standard that’s been set the past few years. Really not even close. They’ve come on stronger the past few games, but that might say more about their competition. There are very few true play-makers on this defense, and the turnovers just haven’t been coming this season. The linebacking corps is solid, but the secondary has been quite suspect, and it’s a lackluster pass rush. Tackling, or lack thereof, has been a theme of the season.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 13 Kansas at Boston College Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

TN: Some might say tackling is just aggressive hugging. Pick one player each on offense and defense that you haven’t talked about that you think Seminole fans should know about, and tell us why.

BCI: Defensively, I’ll pick out linebacker Max Richardson who has been by far and away the MVP of the defense. He is one of those play-makers that you’ll find all over the field. He’s just insanely smart and seemingly knows where to be all of the time. You’ll see him keying in on Cam Akers a lot I’m sure. Offensively, I’ll talk about freshman receiver Zay Flowers. Yes, we don’t throw the ball often, but Flowers is still pretty electric, and the team tries to get him the ball in sweeps and end-arounds.

TN: Alright, give us a score prediction. How do you see this one playing out? Even though the game is at noon it seems like it’s gonna be a cold one in Chestnut Hill. Lastly, if you want, tell FSU fans something they wouldn’t know about Welles Crowther, or the Man in the Red Bandana.

BCI: I’m going back and forth on this one, and will probably change my mind again. The fired coach narrative really scares me, otherwise I’d have picked BC here. I think FSU takes this one. BC has one other ‘winnable’ game against Pitt, but for FSU to get to 6 wins they need this one a bit more I feel. Right now, I think these teams are evenly matched, so I’ll say 35-30.

Oh man, so last time FSU came up to BC was also the Red Bandana game if I’m not mistaken. I’m sure many folks are familiar with the story as a whole, but I’d just implore those who have not to take a look at his incredible story. Welles’s father actually passed away early this year, but his mother Alison should be in attendance, and this will be the first game since. It’s pretty unfortunate this game isn’t really near the anniversary at all, but it still means an awful lot.

A big thank you to Niraj for taking the time to chat with us! You can find him on Twitter @niraj_patel7. Click here to read our answers to his questions. Don’t forget to check out BC Interruption for your Eagles coverage needs.