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Sun Bowl staff predictions: FSU vs. Arizona State

Happy ’Nole Year!

Arizona v UTEP Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

Predicting bowl games is kinda impossible. Unless they’re part of the College Football Playoff, it’s difficult to tell how motivated players will be— if they’re even playing in the bowl in the first place. But why should that stop us? Here’s how we see Florida State vs. Arizona State playing out.

Jon Marchant:

It’s gonna be sloppy, and I’m not talkin’ about the weather in El Paso (that should be beautiful perfect football weather). I’m talking about the ‘both teams are missing half their players and coaches’ bowl game kind of undisciplined mess that could lead to some really fun and entertaining plays on both sides. It’s weird. After spending the entire season worrying that FSU wouldn’t even be able to get here — to a game that I knew technically didn’t matter — and being happy that they actually made it, I am now simultaneously looking forward to watching the game and rooting for my ’Noles and also could not care less if FSU loses. But I guess that’s what happens when you hire a new coach and he hits his first few weeks out of the park. A new era is around the corner and I feel myself breathing a sigh of relief. I believed in Taggart, and it hurts that he wasn’t able to get it done. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say it felt like FSU had been stuck in a rut and this game — win or lose — feels so much smaller than what Mike Norvell can bring. Or, based on his recent hires, is bringing. So I will root for the football gods to bring as much fun and chaos to this game as possible and in the end FSU will fall short 31-23.

Evan Johnson:

Does anybody really care? The Seminoles will be without a few of their better players and don’t even have a running back to start. The fans have certainly moved on and are now wrapped up in the 2020 season. How interested will the players be? I kind of doubt FSU wants to be in this game and I’m not entirely sure it would matter either way. Arizona State is definitely not a great team but they look to be better than the ’Noles. I think the slow pace the Sun Devils play at will help keep Florida State close.

ASU 33, FSU 27


Was all ready to predict a loss to ASU in the bowl game but with all of the momentum I can’t do it. The ’Noles find a way to force some turnovers, they throw for 500 yards, and walk-on running backs run wild. The Fightin’ Odells win a back-and-forth game.

FSU 30 - ASU 24

Perry Kostidakis:

Really, as far as barely-making it bowls go, the hilarity meter is already off the charts, and what more can you ask for from a bowl sponsored not by Frosted Flakes, but by just Tony the Tiger. I could spend the next few paragraphs talking about the missed marketing opportunity between using a cereal brand and a thing literally called a bowl, but instead, I’ll give you like a three sentence prediction, which is what you paid all this money for anyways.

James Blackman’s about to have to lit it rip the whole game because of a lack of running backs, so honestly, I’m just expecting FSU to become the Pac-12 team it was in its heart the whole time I don’t the constant threat of Tammarion Terry is going to be enough to blow this game open, but hey, it’ll be entertaining

Arizona State 32, Florida State 27


Jayden Daniels, Hayden Daniels, Jack Daniels. It don’t matter: ’Noles by 7.

Austin DeWitt:

With Tamorrion Terry and Marvin Wilson announcing they’ll be coming back next year, winning this game would just be extra. With key players out on both sides this matchup just doesn’t generate much interest. Am I going to stream it in a minimized window while I’m at work? Damn right--and it will be the perfect game to help kill the afternoon.

I think ASU QB Jayden Daniels makes the difference in this one and the Sun Devils get the win.

Sun Devils 38, Seminoles 31


I’m excited about the possibilities of Gabe Nabers being the primary running back, even though that’s probably not going to happen. ASU is going to probably grind out the win unless FSU can land their explosive plays. But the offensive line hasn’t changed so I’m not expecting any miracles.

Fightin’ Herms 28, FSU 17

David Visser:

I’m curious to see how the Seminoles come out and play for Odell Haggins in his second “last game” as FSU’s head coach. I don’t see them rolling over like some, but they’re still missing a ridiculous number of important players. The Sun Devils are as well, to a lesser extent, and that’ll be the difference in a game that could be ugly enough to usher you into your New Year’s Eve boozing with the goal of wiping it from your memory in preparation for a new year and a new era in Florida State football.

Spear 20, Pitchfork 30