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Scouting Wyatt Rector, FSU’s latest transfer QB

What does Rector bring to the QB room?

Wyatt Rector

Sunday afternoon, former Western Michigan quarterback Wyatt Rector announced he was transferring to Florida State. What exactly does the signal-caller bring to the table?

Looking back on Rector’s senior year HUDL film, you can get a sense of what type of quarterback FSU will be adding. Rector’s senior numbers were impressive, as he went 180/355 for 3,242 yards, 26 touchdowns, and 16 interceptions. Rector added 918 yards on the ground and 18 rushing scores. He’s a true dual-threat QB, which FSU has been lacking.

Let’s start with Rector’s mechanics. He has a nice base with his footwork, which is a good start for any QB. Rector has good feet, which allow him to take off when the rush breaks down and move around the pocket. He’s in an athletic position throughout his drop, as well as when he gets to the top of his drop. Footwork is not emphasized as much these days, so it’s nice to see an athletic posture from Rector. Moving up the body, Rector gets his elbow up above the shoulder and into a nice position when throwing the ball. The highlights for Rector show an ability to get the ball down the field to receivers accurately. The ball comes out of Rector’s hand quickly and on time in most instances. Offensive coordinator Kendall Briles likes the ball to come out fast, so this is a big positive in Rector’s game.

When the play breaks down, you see Rector’s game shine. He has nice running ability and shows real physicality when he finishes his runs. At the college level, Rector will need to get down or out of bounds, but you like to see that toughness from your QB. Rector also shows a willingness to take the yardage when defenders turn their backs in coverage. While on the run, Rector often keeps his eyes down the field, anticipating a throw, but when it is not there, he takes off.

After watching all of Rector’s film, his game has a poor man’s EJ Manuel to it. Rector will need to continue to refine his mechanics, rely on his ability to run, and develop arm strength if he is going to be able to help FSU. Based on the highlight film Rector, is a solid get out of the transfer portal and should give Briles an option coming out of the QB room.