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Casino sets early Florida State football season win total at 7.5

Vegas is expecting several more wins for FSU in 2019.

NCAA Football: Florida State Spring Game Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Football season is getting closer. And casinos are starting to release all sorts of prop bets and wagers.

Bet Online has put out several season win totals (regular season only), and Florida State is among them. The Seminoles have been released at 7.5 wins (-110/-110). In layman’s terms, this means that a wager of $110 on Florida State to eight or more games in the regular season would pay out $100. And a wager of $110 on FSU to win fewer than seven or less regular-season games would pay out $100.

Basically, Vegas pegs Florida State at seven or eight wins in the regular season, which would be a two- or three-win improvement over the disastrous 2018 campaign. Willie Taggart needs to have a much better 2019 than 2018.

This line is consistent with our prior post on using Bill Connelly’s S&P+ system to project win totals, which produced a 7.22 number.

Early betting options are offered only at low dollar limits, so even if gambling is legal in your area, don’t expect to get rich on a March wager. Some have reported being maxed at $100, and not having the ability to re-bet after 60 seconds have elapsed, which us usually allowed.

Clemson’s number is 11 with juice to the over, consistent with the idea that the Tigers will not be challenged in the conference this season. Florida is at 9, while Miami is at 8.5.

Elsewhere, despite a cakewalk schedule, Nebraska sits at 8. Texas A&M is also at 7.5, though with some juice to the over, and Notre Dame is at 9.5.

The most likely playoff teams based on this are, in order, Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, and Texas.

What do you think of these odds? Would you go over or under on Florida State? What about the others? Let us know in the comments.