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Tracking weight changes on the new FSU football roster

Fresh roster? New weights to examine.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The newest version of the Florida State football roster is out, and that means the spring tradition of seeing which players have added and dropped the most weight over the winter. The before weights used are those from the roster published for last year’s finale against Florida, while the new figures are listed on the roster update for the beginning of spring practice yesterday. That is, we’re not saying that these numbers are 100% accurate— merely that they are the totals published by FSU.

Also, we’re not going to bother with players who have gained or lost five or fewer pounds, as minor fluctuation is far from abnormal. With that said, let’s start with those to have shed weight. Included are the raw before-and-after numbers, as well as the percentage of one’s weight dropped.

  • DE Dennis Briggs, Jr. (277-260): -17 (6.1% loss)
  • DL Robert Cooper (378-369): -9 (2.4% loss)
  • DE Malcolm Lamar (295-287): -8 (2.7% loss)
  • LB Leonard Warner III (232-225): -7 (3.0% loss)
  • LB DeCalon Brooks (211-205): -6 (2.8% loss)
  • OL Christian Meadows (344-338): -6 (1.7% loss)

Five of the six to trim down are defenders, including Cooper, the heaviest Seminole. It’s encouraging to see that he’s remained on top of his weight. But Brooks losing mass may not prove ideal, as he was already an undersized linebacker.

’Noles adding mass more than doubled those who lost it. Here are the FSU players to have packed on pounds.

  • DT Cedric Wood (300-318): +18 (6.0% gain)
  • DT Cory Durden (290-305): +15 (5.2% gain)
  • WR Tre’Shaun Harrison (179-191): +12 (6.7% gain)
  • OL Chaz Neal (286-298): +12 (4.2% gain)
  • OL Baveon Johnson (295-307): +12 (4.1% gain)
  • OL Landon Dickerson (308-320): +12 (3.9% gain)
  • OL Mike Arnold (328-340): +12 (3.7% gain)
  • DT Ja’len Parks (304-315): +11 (3.6% gain)
  • K Ricky Aguayo (205-215): +10 (4.9% gain)
  • OL Jauan Williams (295-305): +10 (3.4% gain)
  • DB Jaiden Lars-Woodbey (215-223): +8 (3.7% gain)
  • DB Carlos Becker III (192-200): +8 (4.2% gain)
  • TE Camren McDonald (221-229): +8 (3.6% gain)
  • DE Xavier Peters (225-232): +7 (3.1% gain)
  • WR Tamorrion Terry (197-203): +6 (3.0% gain)

The first thing that jumps off the page regarding gains is the extra weight added by offensive linemen— and it’s not like they just barely made the list: all five OL here gained double-digit pounds. What remains to be seen now is what kind of weight that is, and how well they move with it.

Lars-Woodbey will also be a player to watch, as he started spring practice with the safeties instead of at star, while carrying an additional 8 pounds. How will another 12 pounds affect the movement of speedy WR Harrison? Time will tell. And I’m not really sure what to do with Aguayo adding 10 pounds— I guess more weight was never an issue for Sebastian Janikowski. But comparing other Florida State kickers to Janikowski is rarely fair to the former group.