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David Coburn promoted to Florida State Athletics Director

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With the interim tag removed, FSU has a full-time AD

Miami v Florida State Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

Since Stan Wilcox left Florida State for a position with the NCAA compliance department in 2018, the school was left without an Athletics Director. David Coburn stepped in to fill the void with an interim tag attached to his title and was tasked with cleaning up the program’s finances. It surprises nobody that this step was taken as President John Thrasher is not likely to be at Florida State for many more years, and a new president is likely to want their own hand-picked AD.

To the dismay of many. FSU’s athletic budgets have been cut since Coburn took over as interim athletics director, but it was a necessary step to get the program back in the black. Florida State does not make as much money as many of the schools in its geographic footprint, so FSU must be more efficient than those programs. The idea behind promoting Coburn to this position is to further that ideal. This isn’t a sexy hire, but it’s one of fiscal prudence.