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Construct your dream FSU football offensive lineup

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This won’t get contentious at all.

Capitol One Orange Bowl - Florida State v Michigan Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images

Unlike the NFL, there are no general managers in college football. So we thought we’d pass that job along to you. Our Dak Moyer has created an FSU spending chart, one that lets you take on the role of an inter-generational Seminole GM of sorts.

Here’s the deal. You get $10 to spend, across the quarterback, running back, and receiver positions. You get one QB, one RB, and a pair of WRS. This challenge is about allocating funds to produce the most dynamic offensive skill position group in Florida State history, assuming a common OL, along with comparable defenses, special teams, and coaching.

So let’s have some fun with this. And, of course, don’t be afraid to get creative. The comments section will function as our group chat, as per usual, allowing for a space in which we can all tell everyone else how stupid they are. Just kidding. Keep it civil, idiots.