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100 days until 2019 FSU football: Introducing this year’s countdown series

A new entry for your calendars.

Miami v Florida State Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

On August 31, Florida State football will return to the gridiron to begin its 2019 football campaign against Boise State in Jacksonville, Florida. And over the months to come, we’ll make sure you know exactly how many days separate us from the season-opening clash between the Seminoles and Broncos.

How? Via another century-mark Florida State football countdown. In 2016, y’all voted on the best ’Nole to wear every number for the garnet and gold. Last year, we ran through the top 100 plays in FSU history as a preparation for opening day.

This year, double-digit Tomahawk Nation contributors have weighed in on the 100 most elite players to ever sport shoulder pads for the Seminoles. We’ve averaged those votes, and what will follow are the results thereof.

Of course, everyone has different criteria and biases when it comes to placing one player over another, and since we’ve such a large pool of writers from which to draw, we’ve elected to keep the voting criteria rather subjective, recognizing that we’re all different ages and have experienced Florida State football at different times and places.

But this was the rather fun description that one of our contributors offered:

Weyland-Yutani is terraforming a new planet and your goal is to create a perfect society of Seminole exceptionalism. The crops are sensitive to lasting legacy (take that how you will— changed program level, household name, increased SWAG, etc.), big game performance, and stat stockpiling. Only 100 space suits exist to hand out among the ship’s prospective passengers, all former FSU football players. Make the new planet, Marvin-55, as inhabitable as possible.

So get ready. The ’Noles will be headed for Duval before you know it, and the countdown begins even sooner— specifically, later today, with FSU football player No. 100.

Here are the honorable mentions, the Seminoles who just missed the top 100:

  • No. 101: DE Alonzo Jackson
  • No. 102: QB Gary Huff
  • No. 103: S Terrence Brooks
  • No. 104: S Devin Bush
  • No. 105: WR/KR Jessie Hester
  • No. 106: K Dustin Hopkins
  • No. 107: QB EJ Manuel
  • No. 108: DE Willie Jones
  • No. 109: P Rohn Stark
  • No. 110: G Pat McNeil

As always, we look forward to your comments on this series.