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Caesars Palace sets 2019 FSU football win-total odds

Florida State v Notre Dame Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Another outlet has issued win-total betting lines for the 2019 college football season, and according to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Florida State’s magic number for the year is seven. Not surprisingly, the defending national champion Clemson Tigers are once again seen as the class of the conference, with their win total over/under set at 11.5. Take note: these figures are for regular-season games only.

The ACC’s Atlantic Division, to which the Seminoles belong, shakes out like this:

  • Clemson: 11.5
  • Syracuse, NC State: 7.5
  • FSU: 7
  • Boston College: 6.5
  • Wake Forest: 5.5
  • Louisville: 3.5

But that’s not necessarily the order of finish projected in the Atlantic, since not all teams’ out-of-conference schedules are created equal.

This win total is just a little lower than what S&P+ has already suggested, as well as another sports book. Thus far, most early bowl projections have been in line with a seven-win total for the ’Noles.