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FSU football in the first 2019 Coaches Poll: We’re No. 46!

That’s the correct reaction, coach.

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Florida State v Notre Dame Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It’s never a good sign when you go to search for a picture of a player wearing the same number as your rank, but nobody on your entire roster wears that number. Not because it’s retired, but because it’s a terrible walk-on number befitting a team coming off its worst season since 1975. But I did find that perfectly appropriate image of Willie Taggart at the Notre Dame game, so I’m happy with my work.

Anyway, the first USA Today Coaches Poll of the 2019 season dropped today, and Florida State is not in it. Although some school called Louisiana State is, which must be like a sister program to LSU, because it has the same colors and everything. Weird.

The Seminoles did get some votes though: four. That places them 46th. Wait— I got greedy. Tied for 46th, with Baylor and Appalachian State. But still a whole vote ahead of North Texas. So suck it, Mean Green.

As far as other ACC teams go, Clemson is ranked No. 1, and then there’s a mile of garbage before you get to Syracuse at No. 22, Miami at 29th, Virginia Tech 32nd, Virginia 37th, and then just ahead of FSU are NC State, Duke, and Boston College at 43rd-45th, respectively.

Ninth in the ACC. Bring on Boise State (which, by the way, narrowly missed being ranked, at 27th).