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FSU’s turnover backpack is gone, and you’re way too happy about it

Up next: Fanny packs?

Wake Forest v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Yes, your long Seminole nightmare is over: the infamous turnover backpack is no more, as stated by ’Nole head coach Willie Taggart on CBS Sports HQ and reported by Chris Nee of Noles 247 recently.

Said Taggart when asked of the bag’s possible return for 2019:

Nah, you are just going to see us play football. You are not going to see a backpack, anything, you are going to see us play football and have fun playing the game with each other and having fun making plays. I think that is what you are going to see out of our guys. That was something that our guys wanted to do and they enjoyed doing it. This is the 2019 team and guys want to do things different, they want to be different and expect to be different.

The backpack had never been a fan favorite, a topic I addressed last year. And now that it’s gone, some are already going way too far in estimating its significance. So let’s clear this up. Myth: Florida State just improved by jettisoning a backpack used to celebrate turnovers last year.

Reality: a certain segment of the FSU fanbase, probably one brought to tears by the movie Rudy, will illogically attribute any improvement to this change.

Now watch Florida State announce something about returning to white numbers on its home uniforms, and the internet will completely melt.