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Willie Taggart press conference: FSU ‘started to panic’ vs. Boise State

NCAA Football: Florida State at Boise State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State head coach Willie Taggart is doing this more than he’d like: meeting with the press to explain what went wrong. For the second time in as many years, Taggart had to answer questions about how a favored Seminole squad lost at home to open the season, this time following FSU’s 36-31 disappointment against Boise State on Saturday afternoon.

There was plenty of blame to go around for the ’Noles, who were up 31-13 and rolling before getting blanked in the second half and allowing 23 unanswered points. We here at TN have already discussed both the offensive and defensive shortcomings, but Taggart weighed in as well, and you can watch our full video of his presser below.

Some highlights from Taggart:

  • “We laid an egg in the second half.”
  • “Our football team’s gotta learn how to win again.”
  • Taggart says the defense missed too many tackles, had blown assignments in the secondary, and didn’t do well enough defending on third downs.
  • He also mentions that substitutions can be done better and smarter.
  • Overall, Taggart says that FSU “let one get away,” and failed to execute in the second half like it had in the first.