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FSU football film review vs. UL-Monroe: Spotlight on the linebackers

At least the first half was fun...

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: AUG 31 Boise State v Florida State Photo by Logan Stanford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Before we move on to UVA, a more specific take on ULM is necessary. And as always, and unlike any other site, we’ve got you covered— even if FSU’s secondary doesn’t.

Nobody dissects FSU football like us. So let’s get to it. Check it out:

We start in the 3rd quarter as things went fairly well through the first half of the game.

Right away we see some confusion/communication from Dontavious Jackson and Jaiden Lars-Woodbey. It appears the two of them are communicating who has what gap on action to and away. The backfield action is inside zone so they get flow right at them which triggers both backers. The play is defended okay as Jackson presses the playside A-gap and takes on the guard coming off of a double team. Lars-Woodbey though attacks the playside B-gap which is right but has an opportunity to redirect into the A-gap and seems to hesitate. We’ve seen so much of Lars-Woodbey hesitating when he gets closer to the ball carrier and it is a concern. This is a six yard gain which should probably be 3 or 4 if Lars-Woodbey puts his hat on the ball.


Lets get an endzone look at the linebackers in coverage. This is a focused shot on Jackson and Lars-Woodbey. Both players do a good job of diagnosing run/pass and get into their drops. They mirror the quarterbacks eyes but never look around to get under a receiver. They are easy manipulated by a good quarterback using his eyes. As the quarterback rolls to his right Lars-Woodbey does a good job working his way in that direction. Jackson charges looking to contain the QB along with Leonard Warner.


Guess much on defense? Jackson and Lars-Woodbey are both sprinting to the sideline based on what? Are they guessing screen? The problem is ULM hands the ball off on inside zone and the back cuts it back without a linebacker involved on the play. You must be disciplined in this defense and this play is lacking that discipline. It is crunch time in the 3rd quarter and the backers are blowing assignments.


This is an endzone look of the play above. It provides a good look at the breakdown on defense. Lars-Woodbey never has a shot to be in the play.


This play was added because who doesn’t like three on two on the two yard line? The coaches talked about alignment being better but here is an example where Hamsah Nasirildeen is not lined up pre-snap and it costs FSU.