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FSU HC Willie Taggart talks costly penalties, gives injury update

“Those are the things you can’t do. That’s losing football.”

Florida State v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Florida State head coach Willie Taggart addressed the media following a controversial loss to Virginia on Saturday night.

Among the topics he covered: the continued penalties, particularly those on defense that allowed UVA to extend drives in the second half.

“I wouldn’t say they wore down, but there were some big mistakes there,” Taggart said. “The one drive where they missed the field goal (extra point), two plays extended that drive— two penalties extended that drive. Those are the things you can’t do. That’s losing football. You’ve got to play winning football and in the fourth quarter you can’t have those.”

Taggart continued on the topic, saying those who commit selfish penalties need to be held more accountable.

“The game was close, but again, when it comes to those selfish penalties, that can’t happen. We just can’t have those things. That’s killing this football team. We have to do more and practice and we have to do more from a punishment standpoint for the ones that do the selfish things.”

Florida State’s head coach also gave an update on Joshua Kaindoh, who did not return to the game after being carted off with an injury and appeared to be on crutches on the sideline.

“I know he hurt his ankle. I didn’t talk to the doctor after the game to know the extent of it, but I know he hurt his ankle.”

Taggart’s full comments can be found below: