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Staff predictions: FSU vs. Louisville

Your fortune: UL be in for a tense Saturday.

Florida State v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Florida State is back in Tallahassee to begin its home conference schedule on Saturday, as the Seminoles will host the Louisville Cardinals. By rule, someone has to win this game.

Juan Montalvo III:

Why would you have a quarterback named Pass who cannot Pass? This seems pretty counterintuitive, like Harlon Barnett’s defense that cannot defend.

FSU is fortunate to get a Cardinals team that is beginning to show signs of life under Scott Satterfield in September rather than November. I have seen enough, though meager, improvement from FSU’s defense to believe that the ’Noles will be able to come out and cover against an earlier iteration of Satterfield’s Appalachian Ratbirds.

FSU 34, Louisville 24

Trey Rowland:

Louisville is an interesting team under the direction of new head coach Scott Satterfield. Much in the same way that former collegiate wrestling and WWE superstar Brock Lesnar was an interesting prospect when he made his UFC debut against former champion Frank Mir.

Lesnar tossed Mir around and nearly finished the job, but, ultimately, he wasn’t seasoned enough to take home the win.


Satterfield’s Cardinals will be a formidable team someday, but they’re not ready to take home a win on the road against Florida State...yet.

FSU 35 UL 27

Jon Marchant:

I don’t even know anymore. Honestly. I want this team to turn the corner and they feel like they’re so close and they juuuust can’t seem to get there. I still believe they will come out and play hard. They know they let one slip away against Virginia. If they could be there at the end against the Cavaliers they can win this game outright.

I think they rebound a bit on offense and play a little bit of a cleaner game. I don’t know that this Louisville defense can challenge this offense as much as Virginia did. I think the Seminole defense will again show some improvement, even if it’s only another baby-sized step. Like Juan said, it’s better that FSU gets Louisville in September than November. I think FSU finally finishes a game, on their own terms this time.

FSU 36 - 33 UL


Weakness meet weakness...FSU pass defense versus Louisville pass offense is the matchup to watch this week. It appears the defense will look differently again this week, and that is something I’m going to be watching closely.

Offensively, we may see two QBs play throughout the game for FSU. The RPO game needs to be tight to take advantage of Louisville aggressiveness. Cam Akers will get his touches early and often to challenge the ’Ville’s run defense.

FSU- 38 ’Ville- 27

Matt Minnick:

FSU battled tough last week, covering the spread but ultimately falling. That brings me to 2-1 SU, but 0-3 ATS. This is why you don’t bet on the team you love, folks.

Despite what many in the fan base want to believe, the Seminoles’ improvements are real and they’re spectacular.

Okay, so they may not be spectacular yet, but they are real. And this Saturday we see the ‘Noles notch their first P5 win of the season.

FSU 41, UL 31


I’ve got not one but two score predictions for you. First, FSU continues its 2018 mirror season with a similar result that it had in game four of last year against Northern Illinois. FSU is able to actually hold onto a lead and win 35-21.

Second, my actual feelings. I hate this game. It only allows the locals up here (in Louisville) to either taunt me (if Louisville wins) or talk about why they should have beat FSU. It gets tiring and I fear this year, the result will be taunting. The defense will allow Louisville to play keep away for a majority of the game. FSU will lose a close one.

UL 31, FSU 28

Evan Johnson:

I think FSU made real progress against UVA but the concern is that they left that progress in Charlottesville. Louisville will be very interested in playing keep away from the FSU offense, and the defense needs to do all it can to prevent that. If FSU can force quick changes in possession in their favor, I think it runs away with the game, as the Cardinals don’t seem to have the depth to keep up. To FSU’s advantage, UL is also not a very good passing team, making them a bit more predictable and easier to defend. Just like every game this season, Louisville closes late but FSU holds on.

FSU 35 - UL 28


I believe this is exactly the type of game the ’Noles need, at exactly the right time. I feel the FSU defense will finally come to play and complement the improvements of the offense and the special teams.

I think the entire team has come to the self realization that if they lose this game their chances of winning the ACC Championship and making it to the College Football Playoffs will dramatically decrease. And for that reason, I’m confident that the FSU players will play with more heart, give 112% more effort, play harder, and want it more than their opponent of the week, UL.

FSU 41 - UL 34

David Visser:

I liked the improved run-fits we saw from FSU in Charlottesville, and there’s reason to believe that the Seminoles can build on that. But did you catch that: “reason.” I’m done applying reason to this Florida State team, which seems allergic to progress, much less success. And I’m certainly not ready to think that they can cover a spread of more than a touchdown. Not until I actually see it.

You get to sweat out another one. But this time, you’re drinking from relief, not despair.

UL 30, FSU 31