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Nolecast: Instant reaction to FSU’s win over Louisville

A happier conversation.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Ingram Smith returns to the mic to offer a quick reaction to Florida State’s victory against the Louisville Cardinals on Saturday. As Ingram discusses, there were plenty of microcosmic moments in this game.

And they started off pretty positively for the Seminoles, as FSU again jumped on an opponent, this time seizing a 21-0 lead over the Cards in the first quarter. But once again, that lead vanished entirely. Still, the ’Noles keep providing chances for optimism, even if there’s definite reason for concern moving forward:

  • Run fits continue to look better on defense, which is encouraging that this wasn’t just a one-off against Virgina last weekend
  • Despite a couple of double-digit drives conceded to UL, FSU is doing a better job of giving up points the right way— that is, playing aggressively and forcing the opposing offense to make a big play, via a tough throw, to change the scoreboard
  • And most importantly, the ’Noles didn’t just fold when the Cardinals got on a roll, fighting back to make plays of their own and score the game’s final 14 points— even if Louisville once again helped with a critical mistake, like last year
  • Both QB James Blackman and outside backer Jayden Lars-Woodbey left the game with injury, and while the former could mean a game or two, the latter looks more serious
  • Listen here: