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FanPulse: FSU fans’ confidence in program-direction nearly doubles

On the rise.

Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

For the second consecutive week, our FanPulse voters (hey— that’s you!) are feeling better about the direction of the Florida State football program, this time following the Seminoles’ win over the Louisville Cardinals.

Let’s review how many of us (Tomahawk Nation staffers and readers) have felt confidently in the program’s direction in each of the previous votes:

Week 1: 43%

Week 2: 8%

Week 3: 32%

Week 4: 63%

That’s right, nearly two in three voters now think FSU is heading in the right direction. It’s amazing what registering a win over a power-five team can do.

Fans of Florida State’s Saturday opponent, NC State, are headed in a different direction. After beginning the season with 100% confidence, Wolfpack supports’ confidence has dropped each week, and is now down to 58%.

Fanbases now responding with 100% confidence are Arizona State, Cal, Clemson, Colorado, Duke, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas State, Louisville, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Virginia, Wake Forest, and West Virgina.

And then there are those at 0%: Arkansas and Rutgers. As far as the Seminoles’ rivals go, UF fans come in at 96% and Miami at 69%.